Kyburz E-Mobility

KYBURZ electric vehicles: modern & environmental friendly

More than 20'000 KYBURZ-vehicles are in use all over the world. The best-known model, KYBURZ DXP, a distribution vehicle for postal delivery, shapes the roads of many countries.

DXP (Delivery Vehicle)

The electric vehicle for a professional delivery. Thanks to its extended wheelbase, it offers an extensive loading area.

DXCargo (Delivery Vehicle)

The brand new concept for last mile logistics. A lot of transport volume and small parking space.

eTrolley (Delivery Vehicle)

The electric trolley with power. The impressive amount of storage space contributes to an efficient postal delivery service.

DX2 (Personal Vehicle)

Travelling safely through everyday life with the DX2 three-wheeler. Speed variants: 10, 20, 30 or 45 km/h.

eRod FUN (Sport Vehicle)

PURE DRIVING. eRod, the ultimate vehicle for fun. Raw driving pleasure!

eRod Offroad (Concept Vehicle)

eRod goes offroad. Maximum driving fun guaranteed!